Ryan Had His Molar Extracted

I came to Siouxland Oral Surgery for two reasons. I’ve got a uvulectomy, and I’ve had a molar extraction. A uvulectomy is when they remove your uvula. I had issues with mine swelling and causing irritation and excessive coughing, so I had them remove it for me, and everything’s been great since. I would definitely say Dr. Miller and I’m sure Dr. George are both great at what they do. I had a tooth that had needed a root canal, but they didn’t know whether it would take or not, so I just opted for an extraction since it was a rear molar. Came in, they pulled it out, everything….it seems like it takes five seconds. Never had any pain. I literally never needed medication or anything after it was removed; everything just felt good again. If any of my friends and family from Colman or Sioux Falls or the surrounding areas would need an extraction or a uvulectomy, I would definitely recommend Siouxland Oral Surgery.

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