David Needed His Tooth Extracted

I was having some pain with a tooth in the back molar part and giving me some fits, waking me up at night, and so I gave Siouxland Oral a call and made an appointment with them to have it taken care of. The staff here and Dr. George—his assistants—they know what they’re doing; they’re very professional. The recovery was outstanding. I’ve had two extractions done here at Siouxland Oral, and I have never had any pain. This is one place that you can walk into, and you see the same faces each and every day that you come here. I think that’s one thing that makes this place different is that the team that they have here has been here a long time. They don’t have a lot of turnover; they know you by name, and I think that also says something about the practice here. I just think Siouxland Oral is a great place.

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