Jonie Had Teeth Extracted and Replaced With Dental Implants

I had two teeth that I had to have extracted on separate occasions, and I figured it wasn’t a big deal because they were in the back, nobody could see them when I smiled, but I wasn’t able to chew on that side — I wasn’t able to chew any food — so then I was only able to chew on this side. Dr. Miller was very informative, kind of like the guy next door. I never felt like I had a stupid question to ask him. He either filled me in right away or if I asked it, he was very prompt with his answers. If I had to call with a question or concern, his nursing and staff was right there on top of it. I would definitely recommend Siouxland Oral Surgery. Great location, great staff, user-friendly; financially, they’re very responsible to help you — Care Credit, whatever you need done.

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