Dwight Needed Dental Implants

I came to Siouxland Oral Surgery to get dental implants. The first day I came here, obviously I was very nervous, and I thought there was no way I’d be able to get through the procedures that I had to obviously have done. Dr. Lou talked to me about the procedure, what was going on, and said, ‘You’ll feel comfortable. I have a great staff.’ They made me feel comfortable. They talked to me the whole time, made sure I was relaxed. Dr. George is the best oral surgeon I’ve ever seen. The whole procedure was just unbelievable, and the recovery time, basically, has been great. No problems whatsoever. My overall experience at Siouxland has been unbelievable. I definitely recommend to anyone that’s thinking about going through the procedure. Now I have great teeth. I feel great. I’m able to smile again with confidence. Siouxland Oral Surgery has given me that back.

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