Wisdom Teeth Removal in Yankton, SD

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, tend to develop around the mid to late teens in the back four corners of the mouth. When the mouth is too small to accommodate this growth, it’s common for your dentist to recommend removal at our office in Yankton, SD. Removal is best performed as a preventive procedure in the early development stages of the molars because it prevents them from causing more serious oral health problems. However, the procedure can be performed at any age, even if your molars have developed completely.

Your dentist often realizes you need your molars extracted before you even notice them growing in because, though they don’t always present symptoms, dentists are trained to detect them during the early stages. Removing the teeth early helps avoid impaction (when they are stuck below the gums) and the common problems associated with it.

Why do I need to have my third molars removed?

Contrary to what many patients believe, not everybody needs to have their third molars removed; however, it’s best to have a qualified dental professional determine whether yours require extraction. The growth of the molars differs with every patient; some patients only develop between one and three, and others develop more than the average four. When you visit our office in Yankton, SD, one of our oral surgeons can examine your mouth and decide if you need to have your third molars removed.

The biggest reason we recommend removal to most patients is prevention. Many people think that because they cannot feel their molars, there must not be any problem. While this may be true, it does not mean the molars won’t cause problems further down the road. Having third molars removed early eliminates even the possibility that they will develop more serious issues, such as impaction, infection, root damage, cysts, and tumors. In sum, there are many benefits to having them extracted, including

  • Avoiding the possibility of future health issues
  • Avoiding the need for a more costly or complicated procedure once the teeth have further developed
  • The earlier they are removed, the easier the procedure and recovery are
  • Removing wisdom teeth provides the opportunity to bank cells for future medical treatment

The Procedure Process

The first step in having undergoing extractions is visiting our office in Yankton, SD, for your consultation appointment. During this initial visit, your doctor will take X-rays and 3D scans, determine the number of teeth you need to have removed and their position, and talk to you about your choices for anesthesia. These factors, as well as the level of development of the molars, will all contribute to the length of your surgical appointment.

When you return for your surgical appointment, your doctor will administer your anesthetic and wait for it to take effect before beginning the procedure. The surgery can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Your oral surgeon will gently expose the molars in the gums and remove anything that may be blocking the removal path, such as bone. Then, he will carefully extract them from their sockets. In some cases, he will break them into smaller pieces to make removal easier. After your anesthetic wears off, you can return home, where you will spend the next few days recovering.

Wisdom Teeth in Yankton, SD

If your wisdom teeth are causing discomfort or you have another reason to believe you need to have them removed, please contact our office in Yankton, SD. One of our friendly staff members can answer any questions you have and schedule you a consultation appointment with one of our oral surgeons. We look forward to meeting you.

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