Wisdom Teeth Removal in Mitchell, SD

Wisdom teeth extractions are some of the most commonly performed procedures at our Mitchell, SD, office. They are the third and final set of molars to develop, and they typically grow in around late adolescence or early adulthood (the wiser years). Early removal is recommended because the average mouth is too small to accommodate their growth. When the molars continue growing into a mouth without enough space, they can cause a multitude of oral health issues.

Attending regular checkups with your dentist is vital because dentists are trained to detect third molar growth long before they present noticeable symptoms. If your dentist has recommended you to our office to have your teeth removed, or if you are experiencing pain in the back of your mouth and think you may need your third molars removed, please contact our office. Our doctors can determine whether you need extractions.

Why should I have my third molars extracted?

The third molars are extremely large, and because they often don’t have enough room to grow properly, impaction is extremely common. Impaction occurs when they become stuck under the surface of the gums because they were unable to follow their proper growth track. Impaction can result in much more serious oral health issues, including infection, damage to nearby teeth roots, cysts, and even tumors. Removing the molars prevents these issues from having a chance to occur. Removal in the early development stages, before the teeth have a chance to grow large and become impacted, is the best option for your oral health.

What are the benefits of having extractions?

Removal provides patients with numerous benefits, depending on the development stage of the teeth when they are removed. When the molars are removed early, it offers the following advantages:

  • Early extraction makes for an easier procedure and recovery. The less time the teeth have had to develop, the smaller they are and the easier they are to extract from the gums. Smaller extraction sites also mean a quicker and more comfortable recovery.
  • Early extraction prevents health problems from arising. Having your molars removed during early development ensures they don’t have enough time to cause more serious Infection, root damage, cysts, and tumors can be avoided with early removal.

For patients whose molars have already begun developing or become impacted, removing them will eliminate any pain, discomfort, or other side effects that you may be experiencing because of their growth. It also allows patients the chance to bank the cells found in wisdom teeth for future medical treatment.

Procedure Process

The consultation and oral exam are the first steps of the removal process. Every patient has different needs. In most cases, four molars develop — one in each back corner of the mouth — but it’s possible for patients to develop more than or fewer than four as well. When you visit our office in Mitchell, SD, for your consultation, your oral surgeon will determine the number of teeth you have and need to have removed.

The next time you visit our office will be for your surgical procedure. Removal can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of teeth being removed and the type of anesthesia you choose. Once your doctor has administered your sedation, he will carefully expose the molars in the gums. If any bone or growth is blocking the removal path, he will remove it. Then, he will extract the teeth, breaking them into smaller, easier to remove pieces if necessary. Once your anesthesia has worn off, you will be able to return home, where you will heal over the next few days.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Mitchell, SD

If your wisdom teeth have begun causing discomfort or if your dentist has told you that you need your third molars removed, please contact our office in Mitchell, SD. Our staff can schedule you a consultation appointment, and one of our oral surgeons can determine whether you need treatment. We are always happy to answer your questions.


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