Dental Implants in Yankton, SD

We offer a variety of dental implant treatments at our office in Yankton, SD. Dental implants are designed to help patients with missing or damaged teeth restore their smiles, oral health, and oral function. Patients can restore a single tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch of teeth. They are extremely versatile, and they provide a multitude of benefits to patients over traditional replacement options. If you think they may be the tooth replacement solution you need, please contact our office in Yankton, SD, to set up an appointment.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is specially designed to look and function exactly like your natural tooth. Most replacement options do a great job of restoring your smile with a natural-looking replacement solution, but an implant is the only restoration that mimics both the appearance and the functionality of a natural tooth. The unique three-part design — which includes the titanium post, the metal abutment, and the prosthetic crown — allows the implant to restore your tooth and preserve your oral health. The titanium post acts as your tooth root, fusing with the jaw bone to prevent atrophy and provide the foundation needed to support the abutment and crown. The abutment attaches to the screw and connects it to the prosthetic crown. When the implant process is complete, you can eat whatever you want and smile with confidence.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

They are the most beneficial and attractive option for tooth replacement for a variety of reasons. To begin with, they are the only restoration with the potential to last a lifetime if cared for properly. Other tooth replacement options are not designed to preserve the jaw and allow it to deteriorate, which then results in more serious oral health issues, including facial sagging. Implants integrate with your jaw bone to provide a sturdy foundation for eating all your favorite foods while preventing bone atrophy. Caring for your them is as easy as brushing twice a day and flossing regularly, as opposed to other restorations, which often require special care. Once they are in, you won’t have to worry about them slipping or falling out, and you can smile and eat with confidence. Whether you need to replace one tooth, several teeth, or a full arch of your teeth, implants are your best choice.

Types of Dental Implants

In addition to traditional dental implants, our surgeons at Siouxland Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery also offer zygomatic and ceramic implants. By offering more options, we help more patients become candidates for implant-based treatment.

Zygomatic (Zygoma) Implants

Some patients with upper jaw bone loss do not qualify for implants because there is not adequate bone to support the implant. With zygomatic implants, our surgeons can help these patients qualify for dental implants. Zygomatic implants, or zygoma implants, are inserted into the cheekbone instead of the upper jaw bone. They provide the same healthy and long-lasting results as traditional implants and often do not require bone grafting, which reduces overall treatment time. If you have been told you cannot receive dental implants due to insufficient upper jaw bone, we encourage you to contact our practice to learn about zygomatic dental implants.

Ceramic (Zirconia) Implants

Ceramic implants are a holistic option for patients looking to restore missing teeth, but who would like an alternative to traditional implants. Whereas traditional implants are made if titanium, zirconia implants are metal-free and are made of a tooth-colored ceramic material. Ceramic implants provide the same results as titanium implants and serve as an excellent restoration choice for patients with metal allergies. Just like traditional implants, zirconia implants can be placed anywhere in the mouth. Learn more about ceramic implants in Yankton, SD, and schedule an appointment to see how ceramic implants can improve your smile and oral health.

Dental Implant Procedure

If you choose to receive dental implants at our Yankton, SD, office, we will tailor your treatment plan to fit your needs. You will first need to come in for a consultation appointment, which allows your doctor to get to know you and understand your needs and preferences. This appointment is also a great opportunity for you to get your questions answered and determine your form of anesthesia. After performing a thorough oral exam, we will discuss all of your treatment options with you before choosing the best plan of action.

When you come back to our office for your surgical appointment, your doctor will administer your anesthesia before carefully placing the implant screw into your empty tooth socket. Once the post is in, he will gently cover it with your gums and use sutures to close them. When you get home, it’s important to follow your post-operative instructions so that you can heal properly.

After your implant has completely integrated with your jaw bone, you will return to have your abutment and crown attached. We will place the abutment, and your restorative dentist will connect the prosthetic crown. Upon the completion of the implant process, you can immediately begin smiling with confidence and eating all your favorite foods.


Denture Replacement With Dental Implants

If you wear dentures, our surgeons are excited to offer you a more comfortable and convenient solution with dental implants. Dentures can be a quick way to restore the appearance of missing teeth, but they do not prevent bone loss and are often uncomfortable to wear. Dentures and dental bridges must be replaced every few years due to wear and tear, which can become expensive over time.

With dental implants, you eliminate these inconveniences. Full-arch restoration is a life-changing treatment for those who wear dentures and completely eliminates the hassle of removable dentures. You can also replace partial dentures with implants through implant-supported bridges or multiple implants. If you wear dentures and are seeking a healthier, better tooth replacement solution, contact us to learn more about denture replacement in Yankton, SD.

What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

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Dental Implants in Yankton, SD

Dental implants are the best option for replacing missing or damaged teeth in Yankton, SD. If you suffer from tooth loss or severe tooth damage, we encourage you to contact our office. Our staff is happy to schedule you an appointment with one of our doctors, and they can determine the right treatment for your needs. We look forward to speaking with you.