Dental Implants in Mitchell, SD

If you have damaged or missing teeth, receiving dental implants at our office in Mitchell, SD, office may be the perfect solution for you. They are designed to restore teeth with natural-looking and fully functional replacement teeth. You can choose them to replace an individual tooth, multiple teeth, or even a full arch of teeth. When you visit our office, our doctors will examine your condition and determine which treatment best fits your restoration needs.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are uniquely designed to replace every part of your tooth, from your crown down to your root. In doing so, they are the only replacements that preserve your jaw bone and overall oral health. The three pieces work together to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement. Your oral surgeon will place the first part, the titanium screw, into the empty tooth socket and allow it time to integrate with your jaw bone. Once the screw has healed and fused with the jaw, we will attach the metal abutment, which then connects the screw to the prosthetic crown. The abutment ensures a secure hold while the implant provides a permanent and stable foundation.

What are the benefits?

Their unique design provides numerous advantages over other replacement options such as bridges. Other restorations rest on the gums and, though they provide a restored appearance, they do not prevent bone loss or shifting. Implants restore both appearance and function to the mouth. The most common benefits include the following:

  • They are permanent and sustainable. Thanks to the integration between your implants and your jaw bone, you won’t have to worry about your implant slipping, shifting, or falling out. When properly taken care of, they are designed to provide you with a lifetime of eating all the foods you want without worrying about durability.
  • Caring your implants is very straightforward. Other replacement options, such as dentures, require special care and cleaning solution to maintain them. Caring for your implants, however, is as easy as brushing twice a day and flossing regularly.
  • Implants prevent bone loss and dental shifting. The fusion of your implant screw to your jaw bone maintains the stimulation your bone needs to remain healthy. When you lose teeth, your jaw is at risk for deterioration with other replacement options because they just rest on the gums.
  • They are incredibly versatile. One of the best things about implants is that they are not limited to patients with just one tooth or a few teeth missing. They can be used to replace many teeth, and they can also be used as a base to support a full fixed denture of new teeth.

Types of Dental Implants

Our surgeons offer several alternatives to traditional dental implants to help more patients qualify for implant-based restoration. We will discuss these options with you during your consultation.

Zygomatic (Zygoma) Implants

Zygomatic implants, or zygoma implants, are perfect for patients who lack sufficient upper jaw bone and wish to receive dental implants. These implants are inserted into the cheekbone instead of the upper jaw, allowing patients who have experienced bone loss to benefit from implant-based tooth restoration. Bone grafting is not necessary for zygomatic implants, making the overall treatment process much faster while still providing the same healthy results as traditional dental implants. Our oral surgeons proudly offer this option to patients who have previously been told they do not qualify for dental implants or who have experienced bone loss in the upper jaw.

Ceramic (Zirconia) Implants

Traditional dental implants are made of titanium, but zirconia implants are made of ceramic. This metal-free option is hypoallergenic, ideal for patients with metal allergies and those searching for a holistic way to replace missing teeth. Ceramic implants do not corrode and provide the same health and restorative benefits as traditional implants. Zirconia is naturally white, providing a more aesthetically pleasing option over titanium implants that can sometimes show through the gums. Our oral surgeons proudly offer ceramic implants in Mitchell, SD, as an alternative to traditional implants.

Dental Implant Procedure

The dental implant treatment process differs with every patient. Our doctors are committed to providing personalized care, and they tailor treatment plans to each patient’s unique needs. The first step of the treatment process involves your consultation appointment, during which your oral surgeon will examine your mouth and jaws and determine the best course of treatment. This appointment is vital because it allows our team to get to know you, discuss all your treatment and anesthesia options, and help you understand every step of the process, including your post-operative care.

After you complete your consultation and get all of your questions answered, we will schedule your surgical appointment. You will receive pre-operative instructions to help you prepare for your procedure before coming into the office. Once you arrive, your doctor will administer your chosen form of anesthesia. Then, he will carefully place the titanium implant post into the empty socket and cover it with your gums using stitches. Over the next few months, your implant will heal and fuse with the jaw.

Once the integration process is complete, you will return to the office so we can place the metal abutment. This is a simple process, after which your restorative dentist attaches your prosthetic crown (or implant-supported bridge, depending on your treatment and the number of teeth you need to replace). After the prosthesis is attached, your dental implant is fully functional, and you can smile with confidence and eat any food you want.

Denture Replacement With Dental Implants

If you wear full or partial dentures and desire a more convenient, long-term alternative, full-arch restoration may be the right treatment for you. This procedure involves your surgeon inserting multiple dental implant posts which attach to a fixed denture. With a prosthesis secured by implants, you regain full function of your smile again.

Traditional dentures do not prevent bone loss, whereas dental implants stimulate the jaw bone to keep it healthy. Your fixed denture is made especially for your mouth, so it will look and feel completely natural. With an implant-supported denture, you can enjoy a healthier smile that allows you to eat and speak with confidence. Contact our office today if you’d like to explore your options for denture replacement in Mitchell, SD.

What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

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Dental Implants in Mitchell, SD

If you are missing teeth or have damaged teeth that need replacing, we encourage you to contact our office in Mitchell, SD. We offer a variety of dental implant treatments, and we are confident we can help you restore your smile. Our staff is happy to schedule you an appointment with one of our skilled oral surgeons. We look forward to meeting you.