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People don’t realize how much they put their mouths through in a day — grinding down food, drinking soda and coffee, using teeth as tools, and more. Add health complications and bad habits, such as smoking, on top of poor oral care, and you could soon find yourself in a serious situation. Over time, the health of your mouth will deteriorate without the right care. You don’t want to be here. Save yourself by saving your smile.
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Drs. Louis George and Denis Miller of Siouxland Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery have joined the PSAM coalition! As dental health professionals, raising awareness and continuing an uncompromising standard of care is a top priority for the doctors. By joining the PSAM movement, the doctors hope to reach more members of their community and provide the essential education of good oral health.

The state of South Dakota boasts positive indicators that children receive access to dental care. 94% of children reported never missing a school day due to teeth or mouth problems within the past year, and 93% of children did not report having a toothache in the last 12 months. 13% of children did not visit the dentist within the past year; 61% reported that there was no reason to go.

However, oral health issues are still prevalent in the state of South Dakota. 56% of children in the third grade have experienced tooth decay, and 22% is untreated, which falls just below the national average. Because the effects of poor oral health can cause general health complications, it is especially important for children to learn how to take care of their teeth at an early age.

As Drs. George and Miller raise awareness about oral health to the greater Sioux Falls area, they hope to provide brighter smiles for the next generation in the community that they love.

PSAM coalition partners

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  • Heinemann Family Dentistry
  • Hart Family Dental
  • Paulson Dental
  • City of Sioux Falls,
  • Falls Community Health
  • Benson Dental
  • Horner Barrow Orthodontics, PC
  • Advanced Dental
  • Great Plains Dental
  • Dr. Craig Dillon
  • ABC Pediatric Dentistry
  • Massa Dental
  • Stephen D. Gullings, DDS
  • Grossenburg, R.C., DDS