100 Club

Siouxland Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery proudly founded the 100 Club, which provides free tooth extractions to patients over the age of 100. We believe that a healthy smile is important at every age and through the 100 Club, we help elderly patients improve their oral health by safely extracting troublesome teeth at no charge. By performing tooth extractions, we improve the ability to speak, eat, and laugh with comfort and confidence.

Join the 100 Club

Are you a centenarian who needs a tooth extracted? Give us a call!
The 100 Club is open to everyone over the age of 100 who needs a tooth extracted for any reason.

About Tooth Extractions

Adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime, and while there are many types of restorative dental treatments that can repair teeth, circumstances like infection, dental trauma, or disease can leave a tooth unrepairable. Tooth extraction can alleviate discomfort and protect the health of surrounding teeth and gums, resulting in a happier and healthier smile. As oral surgery experts, Dr. Miller, Dr. George, and Dr. Leet are qualified to administer all forms of anesthesia to provide safe, comfortable, and positive tooth extraction experiences.

Learn more about tooth extractions and tooth replacement options.

100 club member - woman with dr. miller
100 club member - woman with dr. miller and another team member